Saturday, June 29, 2013

"An it Harm None"

"An it Harm None" is a line from the Wiccan Rede and is the ethical code Wiccans, and some Pagans, live by and work their magick by.  I do not consider myself Wiccan because my beliefs are so eclectic, but I try to follow this code of ethics.  The way I think of it is the Golden Rule -- do unto others as you'd have them do unto you -- but with a Karmic twist.

If your actions are favorable, then you will recieve good Karma; if your actions are negative, you can expect bad Karma.  Now for the difficult part.  No action is wholely positive oe negative, there are both in every action we take.  The key is to think ahead to all the ramifications and make an educated decision.

Intent, or a person's feelings/reasons, is another element that figures into the Karma that is returned to you.  If your actions result in events you did not intend to be negative, this will be taken into account.  That is not to say you will not get some Karmic kickback, just not as much as if you had intended that outcome.

This leads inevitably to the question of Black, or Dark, Magick.  That is a topic that deserves a whole post, which I will cover at some point.  The short answer, to my mind, is that is all about intention and whether you are willing to take the Karmic kickback for those actions.

As you can tell, "An it Harm None" is mostly left up to individual interpretation.  This is my own view on it and this is how I live my life and practice my magick.  I welcome comments on how you interpret this line of the Rede.